Message from the Director

Learning beyond the Classroom

"The Child is both a hope and a promise for mankind" - Dr. Maria Montessori

LEARNING LITERALLY means knowledge acquired by studing. The years of a child in school are very critical for growth and development of an individual. It is this period which lays the foundation for the total personality development of the child. Bookish Knowledge is not learning as a whole. Learning, as such, is a never-ending, life-long process. Learning beyond the classroom entails all the experience a child goes through in the process of living on a day-to-day basis, learning through trials and errors, developing his or her own sense and sensibilities.

Since these years are crucial for future development, it is essential that the students are exposed to different stimuli to help develop their abilities and intellect to the maximum. Therefore, I believe it is our responsibility to provide varied environments to the child..... Read more

Message from the Incharge

At Maria Montessori House of Children - We aim to ensure that every child reaches full potential in learning and understanding of the world. We create a happy and secure environment, where they develop independence, social and cognitive skills. We are 25 years old and very proud of our success.

At Maria's we want to show that every child is a unique individual.Each one has gifts and talents which we try to draw out.

Our Curriculum is regularly updated and the children are introduced to a variety of stimulating experiences, both indoors and outdoors...... Read More


Registration for session 2020-2021 will begin from the 1st week of November,2019

Age Criteria:
Group A--2 years+ as of April 2020
Group B(Nursery)--3 years+ as of April 2020
Lower Montessori House-- 4years+ as of April 2020
Upper Montessori House-- 5 years+ as of April 2020

Admissions are open for six months Montessori teachers training courses.


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