Awards and Achievements

Most Internationally Exposed School Leader

MMHC is proud to announce that our mentor and visionary Mrs Nellie Ahmed Tanveer was awarded the 'Most Internationally Exposed School Leader' in a glittering event in New Delhi On 19th December. Maria Public School was awarded the ' Best School in Teacher Retention'. And it gives us added pride and pleasure to announce that Mrs Ditty Ahmed, one of our most tenured teachers was awarded the ' Most Inspiring Teacher of the Year'. These awards were given by Mind Mingle.

Letter of appreciation from parents

Dear Ditty Ma’am

Thank you for the wonderful show and I was waiting for school to reopen to share some thoughts with you ! We were truly captivated , charmed , delighted, dazzled, fascinated, mesmerized, bewitched…in a nutshell ENCHANTED  with the play!

Last couple of months, as you are aware , my home has been more like a hospital with my mother fighting cancer, my mother in law with a fractured arm, the children and the father falling ill and all of us extremely disoriented and tired!

But little Neeyor magically lifted our moods with his fascinating experience of being a part of the ENCHANTED TREE! 

 If one day it was “Mama we are recording today in a studio… I am so excited!”; the next day it would be “ Aita  do you know I am going to be saying a line in the play” or “Paakhi Ba it is the same hall where we watched Mama Mia!” . 

It was a mission he had to accomplish and he was SERIOUS about the task ahead.  It was no less than having a professional at home and we would wait for him to be back from school to hear more about his experience which actually made us forget about our miseries!

It was not only his excitement that made us elated, I was delighted to see my son “grow up”… Yes ! He had become more responsible about going to school or taking care of his health. One as I watched him with surprise wearing his sweater, jacket, socks, cap and gloves (usually an impossible goal for me to achieve), he looked at me with me with a serious face and said “ I cannot fall ill as I cannot miss my practice!”  Well he even refused ice-cream as he could not afford to fall ill! … All my struggles to make him wear woolens or take care of his health appeared silly compared to what the ENCHANTED TREE did to him!

Rising above self for the greater common good is a lesson which may take a lifetime for some of us to learn or maybe never learn but my son is learning. One day, he came back from school and with a matter of fact said “Mama I wouldn’t be saying the line in the play as I did not perform well during practice”. Immersed in the competitive world of surviving, my immediate reaction was of disappointment that my son would not be the chosen son. I asked him “are you feeling upset about it” He looked curious and asked me “why should I be upset? My friend was better than me” … I felt so small in front of my learned boy and did learn from him to feel happy for the mother whose child got selected! 

Rahul Sir and Juliana became members of this household and once as we were passing through Zoo Road, we had to stop the vehicle because Neeyor screamed “That’s Rahul Sir”. He was upset that we saw only Rahul Sir’s back and we had to wait for sometime hoping that Rahul Sir would come back… I have always complained having to stop for the CM or the Governor to pass by but not that day … After all it was RAHUL SIR…. His teacher!  

When he wanted to know whether Rahul Sir was from New Delhi or Old Delhi, his sister teased him “Why ? are you going to visit him ?”, he looked solemn not wanting to share with us the reason. I suggested he could ask himself but that was a dilemma as Ditty Ma’am had instructed “no talking during practice”. His father suggested that he writes a note to Rahul Sir asking the same but he looked worried as he did not know to spell either Delhi or Rahul! 

If charity begins at home so does breaking gender stereotypes! To begin with, he has a mother who doesn’t know anything about makeup and doesn’t own any makeup which was worrisome for him. He said  “ Mama, we have to apply make up for our play. Do you know how to apply eye shadow, face powder and lipstick?  Don’t worry, you can learn from You Tube!”  When his sister giggled and teased him that only girls wear makeup, he challenged gender stereotypes and said “Mama says, boys and girls are the same!” I felt so proud …social transformation at home!  And Yes!  I did learn to apply make up from You Tube and also that lipsticks and eye shadows are expensive!

When the invitation came he was extremely concerned that all of us wouldn’t be able to make it as the card said only two and we are a household of many more. To compensate for the ones who would not be able to attend including his sister, he told “ Paakhi Ba… I will perform for you all at home and he did so not only his part but everyone else's too!  The only upsetting factor was that we couldn’t find the his music track online… How do you search for “ dut dut dat dat swoosh and dat”? However we found lavender dily dily and better when I am dancing and we did feel better dancing! 

Thank you for the extra card, we could take his sister and Rina Ba, his care taker!

 25th Januray 2018, a cold wintry morning when nobody wants to get up, there was a scream at six in the morning ‘Today is my function, we must not get late”. Everyone protested “ Neeyor you have to reach at 3 pm , it is just six… go back to sleep”  but he would not listen. While we still were in bed, he practiced his gig, went for a bath and was ready for the show. He again woke me up and said “Mama apply my make up please or we will be late” 

You cannot argue with a child who has adrenaline rush… you just cope! By 9 in the morning, I too  longed for it to be three in the afternoon!  And at around 12 pm, I knew he would be tired by afternoon and asked without much hope “Do you want to sleep for sometime so that your performance could be better in the afternoon?”   He said “OK” , took the blanket and fell asleep in a minute. None of us could believe that he actually slept but like I told you … he had a mission to accomplish and nothing could come in the way! 

I watched him sleep wondering what we could have achieved if we had commitment, passion, sincerity and profound love for our mission or do we even have a mission!

All Assam Speed Skating Championship

Veer Bikram Choudhury from L.M.H participated in 1st Guwahati Open Taekwondo Championship and secured silver medal under sub junior boys category (below 9 yrs) .

All Assam Speed Skating Championship

Shreyanh Yadav from U.M.H participated in 6th All Assam Speed Skating Championship and secured 2nd and 3rd position in different categories.

GTC Chess Grand Prix 2015

Miss Afsin Afsana Zaman of Maria Montessori House of Children participated the "GTC Chess Grand Prix" and comes as a winner in the Grand Finale.

Thank you letter

Hearty congratulations to Nellie Ma’am for successfully hosting the International Conference.

Thank you Ma’am from “Maria Montessori House of Children” for giving us the opportunity to interact with educators from all over India and abroad. It was a very enriching experience and we will surely put in efforts to make Maria Montessori the pilot of the “Praradigm Shift”.

Sreejata Mazumdar

New York University, Abu Dhabi and the Institute of International Education (IIE) hosted an NYU, Abu Dhabi event for educators in Singapore on the 22nd to 24th of Nov.2013. Mrs Nellie Ahmed Tanveer was invited for the same. This event presented detailed information about the nomination and admission process, students life, faculty and financial support. Sessions were held to give a detailed insight into NYU Abu Dhabi and how to prepare for it's application process. Peer counselors and parents shared their experiences of visiting the NYU Abu Dhabi campus.

Maria Public School and Assam Valley School were the only invites for this conference from the entire North East

Miss Afsin Afsana Zaman
of Maria Montessori House Of Children attended the "National under 7 Chess Championship" which was held in Chennai, Tamilnadu from 17th to 25th August,2015.

Marching Ahead..............

Nellie Ma'am started Maria's House of children with one child on the 18th of Aug. 1988. Today Mari's is one of the growing schools in the city, over 2000 students. Moreover it employs more than 200 teachers.

It is one of the most reputed school in Guwahati. Over the years there has been noticeable improvement in the academic activities and it has worked hard to come to the present stage. the school, keeping in timewith its philosophy ''beyond class-room'' have established its position in all the areas-academic, as well as extra curricular. A school today possesed a good number of teachers who have been their from the beginning apart from fresh recruitment from time to time.

My association with Nellie Ma'am has been for such a long time and I have been able to understand and realise about her action in the formative years she undertook and these are precisely the grounds on which I give full credit to Nellie Ma'am for making the school what it is today.

I wish her best of luck for her future plans to make the school a better place for the children,parents as well as teachers and staff. I also wish she would continue to receive support from all concerned for all time to come.

Ditty Ahmed