Awards and Achievements

GTC Chess Grand Prix 2015

Miss Afsin Afsana Zaman of Maria Montessori House of Children participated the "GTC Chess Grand Prix" and comes as a winner in the Grand Finale.

Thank you letter

Hearty congratulations to Nellie Ma’am for successfully hosting the International Conference.

Thank you Ma’am from “Maria Montessori House of Children” for giving us the opportunity to interact with educators from all over India and abroad. It was a very enriching experience and we will surely put in efforts to make Maria Montessori the pilot of the “Praradigm Shift”.

Sreejata Mazumdar

New York University, Abu Dhabi and the Institute of International Education (IIE) hosted an NYU, Abu Dhabi event for educators in Singapore on the 22nd to 24th of Nov.2013. Mrs Nellie Ahmed Tanveer was invited for the same. This event presented detailed information about the nomination and admission process, students life, faculty and financial support. Sessions were held to give a detailed insight into NYU Abu Dhabi and how to prepare for it's application process. Peer counselors and parents shared their experiences of visiting the NYU Abu Dhabi campus.

Maria Public School and Assam Valley School were the only invites for this conference from the entire North East

Miss Afsin Afsana Zaman
of Maria Montessori House Of Children attended the "National under 7 Chess Championship" which was held in Chennai, Tamilnadu from 17th to 25th August,2015.

Marching Ahead..............

Nellie Ma'am started Maria's House of children with one child on the 18th of Aug. 1988. Today Mari's is one of the growing schools in the city, over 2000 students. Moreover it employs more than 200 teachers.

It is one of the most reputed school in Guwahati. Over the years there has been noticeable improvement in the academic activities and it has worked hard to come to the present stage. the school, keeping in timewith its philosophy ''beyond class-room'' have established its position in all the areas-academic, as well as extra curricular. A school today possesed a good number of teachers who have been their from the beginning apart from fresh recruitment from time to time.

My association with Nellie Ma'am has been for such a long time and I have been able to understand and realise about her action in the formative years she undertook and these are precisely the grounds on which I give full credit to Nellie Ma'am for making the school what it is today.

I wish her best of luck for her future plans to make the school a better place for the children,parents as well as teachers and staff. I also wish she would continue to receive support from all concerned for all time to come.

Ditty Ahmed